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This page lists all the articles posted on this website. See also my contemplations.


The Five Noble A’s


Examining the Liberal Manifesto
Being Different: Gandhian Socialism vs. Western Socialism
Rediscovering Gandhian Socialism
The Vaishnava Canon of Authentic Scriptures
UTIL: Unified Transliteration of Indic Languages


Dates of Hindu festivals
Sāmānya Dharma
Ethics of Tulādhāra


My views on economy, society and politics
Building a .deb package
A dialect of C++
Rāmōpākhyāna – The Story of Rāma in Mahābhārata


Cheatsheet for “Peopleware”
A checklist for designing


Borweins’ formula for π using GMP
GitHub, GPG and a missing email address
ARM assembly programming
Unit testing and mocking with cmocka
Set up and secure Raspberry Pi
Custom input method for Emacs


जायंतेय गीता | Jāyantēya Gītā — Part 1 of 4
Quick guide to GPG
ಭೀಮನ ಪರಾಕ್ರಮ — ಕುಮಾರವ್ಯಾಸ ಭಾರತ
My reasons for being a vegetarian
In what language did Rama and Hanuman speak?
Password management using GNU recutils
The Nārāyaṇīya of Mahābhārata Śānti Parva – Part 2
The Nārāyaṇīya of Mahābhārata Śānti Parva – Part 1
Quotes from Mahabharata